Endura Pet Door
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Patio Pacific Endura Pet Door For Windows

Window Pet Door For Vertical Sliding Windows

Thermo Sash IIIe Sash Window Pet Door includes dual-pane, insulated, low "E" glass plus the award-winning "Endura" flap.


  •  Every Thermo Sash IIIe includes the award-winning "Endura" pet door flap--the best engineered high performance pet door flap ever made. Take a look at the Endura Flap design criteria used to develop this awesome flap. Here's what a leaky flap looks like in time.
  •   The "Endura" is guaranteed for 15 years!
  •  The "Endura" flap won the coveted Fancy Publications Editors Choice for 2007!
  •  Dual Pane, Insulated Low "E" Glass is the highest performing glass available. It is standard on the ThermoSash IIIe. This glass unit is guaranteed for 10 years!
  •  Spring Load design can be installed and removed in seconds. No Tools installation.
  •  Built-In "Anti-Whoops" allows for 3/4" change in adjustment range to allow for small measuring errors.
  •  Draft Stopper - Keeps air from coming in between the two windows.
  •  Adjustment Ranges accommodate windows 22" - 43" wide in 3" increments.
  •  100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Note: Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Cats have been successful using the #06, however a few have found the #08 difficult to use.

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 Size and Stock Number Flap Dimension
Height To Raise

6" x 11"
18 1/2"
8" x 15"
22 1/2"
 10" x 19" 26 1/2"
 12" x 23" 30 1/2"
 Frame Colors:
B-Bronze (very dark brown)
S-Satin Aluminum
Adjustment Ranges:
B 22"-25"
C 25"-28"
D 28"-31"
E 31"-34"
F 34"-37"
G 37"-40"
H 40"-43"

Adjustment Range choices are
offered from a drop down
after you "Buy Now"



 FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL ENDURA PET DOORS - Enter coupon code - endurapromo - in the coupon box on the order form for free ground shipping in the Continental US.

Buy Now Click Here to purchase an Endura Pet Door for sash windows.

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